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What is the role of Curbstone Cutting Machine?

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What is the role of Curbstone Cutting Machine?

The curbstone cut by the Curbstone Cutting Machine is a boundary stone generally used for the edge of the road, also known as tarmac or edge stone. It is used to distinguish the roadway, sidewalk, green space, isolation belt and other parts of the road on the road. Pedestrian, vehicle traffic safety and the role of ensuring the orderly edge of the road surface.

What are the machining requirements of the Curbstone Cutting Machine?

What is the use value of Curbstone Cutting Machine?

What else does the Curbstone Cutting Machine do?

What are the machining requirements of the Curbstone Cutting Machine?

Curbstone material requirements: The curbstone stone is cut by the Curbstone Cutting Machine with uniform texture. The strength of the stone must be qualified. It is required to have uniform color, no cracks on the surface, complete edges and corners, consistent appearance, no obvious spots, color difference, no color difference. Weathering is allowed, and it is not allowed to drop, smash, bump or touch during loading and unloading, so as to avoid damage.

Curbstone processing requirements

The Curbstone Cutting Machine cuts the material according to the uniform length. The exposed surface must be machine-cut and polished. The allowable error of length is within the range of ±20mm, and the allowable error of width, thickness and height is within the range of ±2mm.

What is the use value of Curbstone Cutting Machine?

The joints of kerbstones will have seam notches due to the lack of flatness of kerbstone paving or the kerbstone itself. After the kerbstones are used for a long period of time, there will be a lot of pollution in the joints. These are due to The influence of external substances, on the one hand, will cause the joints to become black, on the other hand, the stains will penetrate into the pores of the kerbstone and cause the kerbstone lesions, which will seriously damage the overall beauty and decoration effect of the kerbstone.

Then, how to deal with the joints of the curbstone, that is, remove the original filler between the curbstone gaps, and use the Curbstone Cutting Machine to install a 0.3mm cutting blade to cut the original gap from the beginning to make the width between the gaps. drop to lower. Second, fill the gap with the marble glue, and make the marble glue slightly higher than the level of the road handle. After the marble glue is cured, it will be shortened to a certain extent. This operation can avoid that the gap is still lower than phenomenon of the horizontal plane.

What else does the Curbstone Cutting Machine do?

The reuse of old materials such as square bricks and curbstones can save investment. At the same time, reuse is also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Non-renewable resources such as stone will face the problem of less and less use, and the mining will have a greater impact on the natural environment. Curbstone Cutting Machine reuse of curbstone can greatly reduce energy consumption.

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