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4 Inch Wet Flexible White Polishing Pad for Granite Marble Quartz Stone Terrazzo Concrete Ceramic Tile

Dialead flexible polishing pad can be used for Granite Marble Quartz Stone Terrazzo Concrete Ceramic Tile
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  • WPD-100


  • 68042290

Dialead diamond resin polishing pad, the perfect tool for achieving a flawless, mirror-like finish on your stone surfaces. Crafted with precision and care, this pad is designed specifically for fine polishing, leaving your stone looking smooth and gleaming with a professional finish.

Our diamond resin polishing pad is made from high-quality diamond powder, ensuring durability and longevity. The diamond resin material ensures that the pad can withstand heavy use, making it a reliable tool for all your polishing needs.

This pad is easy to use and can be attached to any portable polishing machine like air grinder, wet angle grinder and etc. Its unique design allows for efficient and effective polishing, leaving your stone surfaces with a smooth and even finish. 

Invest in our diamond resin polishing pad today and experience the difference it can make in your polishing process. Achieve a professional finish on your stone surfaces with ease and precision, and enjoy the benefits of a high-quality polishing pad that will last for years to come.

Dialead can produce all kinds of polishing pad at any size to suit your specific stone, like marble, granite, tile, porcelain, ceramics, terrazo, travetine and etc. We can  produce not only wet polishing pad, but also dry polishing pad. Most popular polishing pad are 100mm diameter and 125mm diameter. Different qualities are available to meet your budget from economy type to high-end quality. Different patterns are available. Both 3 step and 7 step polishing pad are available. 

Product Name 100mm DIALEAD Wet White Diamond Polishing Pads
Out Diameter 4inch (100mm)
Girt Size #50, #100, #200, #400, #800, #1500, #3000
Description Diamond Wet Polishing pads are designed to give high quality finish to granite, marble, quartz and other kinds of stone products, removing scratches smooth irregular surfaces out.
Features 1. Top quality wet polishing pads, super flexible very aggressive.
2. Fast speed, save polishing time.Incredible polish performance.

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About Us

Founded in 1996, Quanzhou Dialead Stone Tools Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise for stone processing with its own import and export right that integrates R&D, manufacture and sales into one. With three factories focusing on stone tools, stone machinery and concrete tools respectively, Dialead can surely meet your needs of stone and concrete processing somewhere without fail.

Attributed to its great technical advantages, Dialead has managed to develop a broad range of products such as diamond segments and saw blades,marble and granite polishing abrasive tools, wire saw, stone engrave knife, polishing pad, tools for special shape etc. In ever-lasting pursuit of best quality, Dialead is well received  by world-wide customer from Iran, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine, U.S.A, Canada and etc.

Located in word-famous stone city Shuitou with more than 3000 stone factories, Dialead finds its own way to tell itself apart from other diamond tools suppliers by testing its products in local stone factories and adjusting  its formula to the best before selling to the world.

Thanks to its outstanding technical support, Dialead can adjust the formula of segments at customers’ request either for sharp model or long life model. Far to Iran, India, Ukraine, Russia, Dialead wins good sales and great reputation.

In terms of marble magnesite abrasives only, Dialead takes 90% of market share in China with 40 production lines. Monthly Polishing capacity hitting over 350,0000 square meters. Dialead is capable to produce more than 3500 cartons of Frankfurt abrasives per day.

In unremitting endeavor of best quality, best service and best effiency, Dialead will present you optimum and one-stop solution for stone cutting and polishing. Dialead sincerely welcomes clients at home and abroad to pay a visit to start long-running win-win business.





Q: Are you manufacturer ?
A: Yes, Dialead is the leading manufacturer of Stone tools, Stone machinery and concrete tools since 1996. Also we have many authorized agents all over the world to take care of our products' after sell service.

Q: My stone materials are very difficult to process, how can I know whether your tools are suitable for my materials:

A: Dialead suggest your stone samples be sent to our factory’s lab and we will analyze the ingredient of your stone sample. Suitable formula of tools will be offered accordingly.

Small quantity is suggested for trial

Q: Can you open the diamond for my segments?
A: Sure. Dialead usually open at least one side of marble segments to ensure the fast cutting in the beginning.

For some special market like Iran, Jordan, Oman etc, all marble segments will have three side opened

Q: Can I print our logo on the carton or product itself?
A: Yes. We will print your logo and other information on the carton or product itself. But each products will have a MOQ respectively. Please contact our salesman to get more information

Q: How is your after sales service?
A: We are selling our stone tools like diamond segments, diamond saw blades, wire saw, polishing abrasive etc to many countries and we have agents in different countries who will do after-sales service for us.

Q: Do you offer free samples?
A: For some products which are very mature and popular in your market, sorry Dialead cannot offer free samples.

For some new products which have not been sold to your market yet, Dialead can offer some discounts for you to test.






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