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Curbstone Cutting Machine for Granite

Complete Line of Curbstone Cutting Machine consists of stone load machine, stone slicing machine, edge cutting machine, transition frame machine, stone chamfering machine. It can achieve finished curstone product by assembly line cutting.
  • DL-1200-12S


Complete Line of Curbstone Cutting Machine consists of stone load machine, stone slicing machine, edge cutting machine, transition frame machine, stone chamfering machine. It can achieve finished curstone product by assembly line cutting.

As the first china curbstone cutting machine producer,this stone cutting machine is suitable for the production of large quantity of curbstones. Only one worker is needed to load and unload the material for the whole set of equipment. After sliced, the stone will be transferred by roller to the edge cutting machine for further processing. Assembly line operation and the mature design of the machine can promise not only the large quantity but also the high quality of the final products. Compared with traditional processing methods, labor costs are greatly reduced and smaller production areas are needed to hit the same output.

Mechanical part (slicing machine): The gantry frame is welded as a whole with universal beam. Cement can be poured for reinforcement during installation to increase the stability of the machine. The blade holder is welded with universal beam also, and then connected and welded to the gantry frame firmly. The cross beam is 3.1 meters in overall casting length with cross-sectional area of 585X195mm. The main shaft box and the auxiliary shaft box are made of gray cast iron, for which the center height error of the same batch is less than 0.02mm. Blade with diameter of 1600mm and 1800mm are workable on the spindle. The overall vibration of the main shaft box is  controlled within 0.05mm after it is installed. The connection between the main shaft box and the auxiliary shaft box is treated with high frequency treatment to improve hardness, wear resistance and extend service life. Replacing the blades will be easy. The chassis is welded with 37KG rail steel and is connected into one by two parts. The trolley will not vibrate at the connection part when it travels since special treatment is done. The Two parts of the chassis are connected by 8.8-grade high-strength screws and positioning pins, which are detachable and convenient for transportation. The trolley is driven by a steel wire rope, and adopts a worm gear reducer, which can be self-locked to prevent the work trolley from moving.

1. Edge cutting machine: The cross beam is cast as a whole with a total length of 3.7 meters and the cross-sectional area of 305X395mm. The shield of the cross beam is a windproof organ cover. The main engine is lifted by four solid  chrome-plated guide columns with a diameter of 100mm. The four guide columns are protected with ductile iron wear-resistant guide bush. The guide column are all oil-immersed, so they are waterproof, dust-proof, and durable. The upper and lower connecting plates are integrally cast. Main spindle riven by the belt, the energy consumption is small. The cross beam and the columns are connected by bolts, which is easy to install and can be adjusted. There is a knockout cylinder on the side of the column to make sure vertical cutting and equal length. The chassis and trolley of the edge cutting machine are same as those of the slicing machine. The worktables of the two machines are easy to level so the stone can be transferred smoothly.

2. Electrical part: the slicing machine is equipped with a floor electric control cabinet. The edge cutting machine is equipped with wall-mounted electric control cabinet.  Both machines adopt PLC computer operating system, LCD touch screen with Chinese and English operation interface, wireless remote control, domestic famous brand switching power supply, air Switch, Japan OMRON OMRON relay and encoder, waterproof travel switch. The main motor power of the slicing machine is 55KW-6, the total power is 60.9KW; the main motor power of the edge cutting machine is 22KW-6, the total power is 27.9KW

3. Hydraulic part: main engine hydraulic lift, Japan YAMATAKE solenoid valve, double-layer thickened high-pressure oil pipe.

4. Stone Slicing machine: The diameter of the spindle is 120mm, the diameter of blade holder is 260mm, the diameter of the saw blade can be 1600 or 1800, the maximum number of saw blade is 12 or 14, and the distance between two blades is 30 or 20mm.

5. Stone Edge cutting machine: The diameter of the main spindle is 80mm, the diameter of the blade holder is 260mm, and only one saw blade can be hung. 

Technical Data

Type unit DLLSX1200-13S DL1200-12
Dimension m 24*5*4.5 5.5*2.8*2.5
Max Blade Diameter mm 1200 1200
Max Number of Blade


13 14
Max Cutting Width mm 1600/1800/2000 1600/1800/2000
Working Table Size mm 1800*2500 2500*1800/2000/2200
Max Vertical Stroke mm 600 600
Weight t 25 10
Max Cutting Depth mm 450 450
Main Motor Power kw 55 55

Machine Photo

kerbstone cutting machine


After-sales Service

1. Dialead Stone Machinery offer one year's warranty

2. For consumables, Dialead Stone Machinery sends one extra set with the machine container.

3. Dialead Stone Machinery will send the experienced technicians to your factory to install the machine and teach your workers to operate the machine.



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